2015 Year Review

Lucas & ILucas & I

As I sit here in my office and feel my thoughts drifting  in review throughout  the year 2015,  I can only tell you  that I feel thankful, grateful and motivated to begin this 2016 with a new hope to rebuild my dreams and to inspired myself  to do more and more of what I love and share it with  everyone around the globe.

In a personal level I feel fulfilled and happy! proud to raise good and honest children of goodness that inspire others, that believe in themselves, in their future and in their dreams  in a healthy way I cannot ask for more other than being pleased.  Lets  remember that school begins at home not at school, and that our children grow according to what we at home do and say and they do listen, that is for sure. The birth of my granddaughter Abella has been a great experience and the more she grows the more I fall in love with her, Our business also has being relocated twice to make sure that we do and offer the best from us to our clients.

Today I want to write about my only son Luis Lucas Alexander.

As a child he was always open and in touch with me in a level of communication and trusting in the bond that we have. I would encouraged him always to follow his dreams and to not let anything or anyone come between him and his dreams, for those are his gifts form the creator to have and to share throughout his life; I will also tell him that when a person follows their life dreams will never work a day in their lives because that it  is how it feels to do what you love with passion.  Today I feel more than ever thankful and  proud  of my son.

Let`s say that he graduated high school with honors as a  Valedictorian, winning so many awards for all of his High School Community Service Volunteer Hours work that he did for Cogeco TV, CHEX TV, The Catholic Board of Education as a Student Liaison and at his High School Holy Cross President Student Counsel. Then from there he went to Niagara College to graduate from Broadcasting – Radio, Television & Film this past June 2015.

Through all of those working hours since he was in grade 9 he also was capable of opening an on line  radio station with two of his friends named HOT 106 which is now closed. Now he is 21 and already started his career of radio broadcasting working for Virgin Radio in London Ontario, Canada.

Lucas you are the future and a great example to follow as you are a very committed person and someone that believes and trust in what is in his heart. I thank God each and every day for choosing me to be your mother; a bond that can never be broken. I love you my son and I wish you great success through out your life and career.

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