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Reiana The 7th Holistic Health Centre is owned and operated by Reina Rodriguez.

Reina was born in the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic and grew up around alternative health most of her life using ancient healing methods and practices. After becoming a Nurse and pursuing other career paths, she left behind her alternative holistic roots for many years, until she had a personal life crisis and decided to return to her roots and start practicing again to regain her health.

After trying many medicinal methods prescribed by her doctor to regain her health, life balance and peace of mind, Reina was continuing to feel worse, tired, burnt out and depressed. All types of medicine was prescribed and provided, however, her health was still not improving. She knew she had to do something. She finally returned to her roots and began studying, practicing and implementing her knowledge of alternative health care.

She started detoxifying her body system, using energy healing work and supplements along with proper nutrition. She dedicated herself to research and once again pursued her life career in the Holistic Health field; following the steps of her ancient knowledge in combination with her new education and practices. Over a period of time, Reina became strong again and her life was finally in balance.

Reina has spent the past 7 1/2 years training in various modalities, expanding her knowledge, researching and educating others, all the while raising two beautiful children. She wanted to make sure they were well looked after especially while she was recovering and developing a new career path. She wanted to be able to help others; so by making her long planned dream a reality; of becoming an Alternative Holistic Health Practitioner, she is now able to do so. She can now help people find their life balance, have good health and put meaning back into their own lives, just as she found it herself.

Reina is now strong, proud and happy to own Reiana The 7th Holistic Health Centre; a place that promotes healing, education, balance and strengthening your intuitive realization of your body, mind and spiritual health and wellness goals.

With an International touch and a Latino Canadian flavour, Reina looks forward to offering you a highly personalized plan and service, with only the highest quality of natural products. Let her help you feel young again and stop the aging process from the inside out, with her newly created 7-step program.

“When we are afraid to change and stop developing new life skills, we burn out, stay stagnant, become bored, hopeless and helpless, walking in circles in the same routine with wrongful knowledge. When we are ready and decide to change, then life’s beauty comes in leading us to the right path. But first, we must dream it, believe it and act on it. Then and only then life becomes a celebration.”

With Love, Light, Truth and Peace.


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