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Hello Everyone!


I know that you all have missed seeing my posts for a while.

I am very happy to announce, that I am available to speak at your Corporate Functions. Please,  feel free to contact our company at any time. We can set up a date and a theme whether in English or Spanish Languages for one of my  lectures presentation.  I am a  Motivational,  Life/Spiritual, Story Teller and Coach, which includes holistic, intuitive and  energy work. We love the work that we offer and that is why we do a bit of everything, to make life more beautiful.

Please call us at the  # 705-957-5873 and book our services and we can discuss prices too.

Email us at: or to

You set the theme, we do the rest to motivate and create life transforming events for all.

I can`t wait to share with you this dynamic and powerfully encouraging events one at the time.

Now, please take a moment of your time to look through my Passage Canada Bio and information. We hope that you all enjoy it.
Speaker’s bio:

Love, Light and Blessings



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I Believe In Angels!



Eucalyptus Heart Shape Leave~~~

I want to share with all of you something that happened to me today. As I got up early this morning,  I was still feeling this dreading headache since yesterday because for that reason I was really feeling a lot of  barometric pressure, all in one side of my head,  that  was making me feel nauseous. I decided to go to the kitchen and prepare for myself a nice warm cup of herbal tea. Then, as I walked into the kitchen I saw on the floor an eucalyptus leave with the shape of a heart and I decided to pick it up, as I grabbed it in my hand I felt this sensation all over me like my soul  smiling  from the inside out. Thank you my angel from heaven,  for loving me so much and for giving me clues to help me get rid of this headache I said to myself in a sigh.

The reason that I smiled with gratitude is because my whole life I get messages after messages like this holding a very clear  spiritual symbolism or sign.

__An Eucalyptus leave lying on the floor in an area that I could not miss it, for me to see

__Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to release  tension and  migraine headaches, including  breathing problems, head and chest congestion. The soothing effect of this aromatic plant also helps to sleep better when you are feeling unease and stressed, just by rubbing it all over your feet and behind your ear lobes and under the nose.

Later on during the day, I went to the store with my daughter Jazmin, she came in to get me out of the house to  go and get some fresh air.  I had left a bottle of eucalyptus oil on the table to use it on my way back to the house. Meanwhile, sortly after we got there we met with Janet Hogeboom,  she is a friend of mine and a colleague in the field of  holistic practice. We catch up on some things and then I mentioned to her about no feeling that well due to a  headache,  and you can  all imagine what she suggested right away. Eucalyptus oil! I smiled and thought wow, here comes the validation of the leave I found at home.

I want to thank my friend Janet for the validation. Once I came back to the house  I used the oil and lay down for a bit, then getting up later feeling so great that I felt like taking over the world.

Thank you so much for reading, my hope is that it helps someone else with this story


Until next time





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International Women’s Day



Today we celebrate around the world International Women’s Day, and I thought to share a blog today in honor of all women.

From the beginnings of time women have worked so hard to overcome and to rise above from all of the labels of ‘oh she is just a woman’! As women we are multi talented, multitasking is our name, we wear so many hats day by day and night after night; A woman has a way of handling various businesses, but businesses that we do not realize that we are doing so. Since I was a little girl my grandmother always told me, you are a woman and never let yourself to be underestimate, taken for granted or unappreciated, we are hard work, the heart,  soul and the presence of the home and the life of our families, and if you find a man that loves you and respects you then you are set for life, then you would have found the life partner that can share the throne with you.  She also reminded me of never to feel bad by been alone, there is a time for everything and sometimes when we are alone is the time to work in our life’s mastery plan for the new start of a new best thing for us.

As women we need to be proud of who we are and always keep in mind that we are ” The Madden, The Goddess, The Back Bone of Humanity For Goodness Sake”. We work very hard to keep the family together, we are love and we practice this throughout our lives as a commitment to our father and mother in heaven, the heaven from within.

I raise my hat to say Happy International Women’s Day to each and everyone of you individually. Remember you are worth it, don’t undervalue yourselves, dream of a better tomorrow and lets keep taking the steps to build that dream that we envision so that our children’s children can have a better tomorrow as a gift but,  a gift that should be valued and cherished for the sake of our planet and the future generations .


Until Next Time



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Holistic Bath Blessings

herbd and salts
Holistic Bath Prayer.

Salt of the earth, replenish that, that has being lost.
Cleanse that, that needs cleansing.
Purify that, that needs purifying, so that I may
find health.

Herbs of the land, give me your strength.
Be a beacon of breath, life and sanity in all that I do,
So that by me taking this bath I may feel the elements
of the divine creation working on me from the inside out, so it is.

__ ReianaThe7th Holistic Health Practitioner.

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2015 Year Review

Lucas & ILucas & I

As I sit here in my office and feel my thoughts drifting  in review throughout  the year 2015,  I can only tell you  that I feel thankful, grateful and motivated to begin this 2016 with a new hope to rebuild my dreams and to inspired myself  to do more and more of what I love and share it with  everyone around the globe.

In a personal level I feel fulfilled and happy! proud to raise good and honest children of goodness that inspire others, that believe in themselves, in their future and in their dreams  in a healthy way I cannot ask for more other than being pleased.  Lets  remember that school begins at home not at school, and that our children grow according to what we at home do and say and they do listen, that is for sure. The birth of my granddaughter Abella has been a great experience and the more she grows the more I fall in love with her, Our business also has being relocated twice to make sure that we do and offer the best from us to our clients.

Today I want to write about my only son Luis Lucas Alexander.

As a child he was always open and in touch with me in a level of communication and trusting in the bond that we have. I would encouraged him always to follow his dreams and to not let anything or anyone come between him and his dreams, for those are his gifts form the creator to have and to share throughout his life; I will also tell him that when a person follows their life dreams will never work a day in their lives because that it  is how it feels to do what you love with passion.  Today I feel more than ever thankful and  proud  of my son.

Let`s say that he graduated high school with honors as a  Valedictorian, winning so many awards for all of his High School Community Service Volunteer Hours work that he did for Cogeco TV, CHEX TV, The Catholic Board of Education as a Student Liaison and at his High School Holy Cross President Student Counsel. Then from there he went to Niagara College to graduate from Broadcasting – Radio, Television & Film this past June 2015.

Through all of those working hours since he was in grade 9 he also was capable of opening an on line  radio station with two of his friends named HOT 106 which is now closed. Now he is 21 and already started his career of radio broadcasting working for Virgin Radio in London Ontario, Canada.

Lucas you are the future and a great example to follow as you are a very committed person and someone that believes and trust in what is in his heart. I thank God each and every day for choosing me to be your mother; a bond that can never be broken. I love you my son and I wish you great success through out your life and career.

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Family Event ♥


On April 25th, 2014,  I had one of my best dreams do come true, and this was the dream to see my daughter Jazmin getting married with an amazing great man who could become another son to me and another brother  to my son Lucas. We all worked very hard together to make this dream of them and of all of us a reality.

I do believe in true love, in compromise, truth, communication  and in honesty in order to make a lasting momentum for the family unit. Two people get married and one key ingredient that can be added into the mix is the gift of friendship and the one of two people making life decisions together as one. A marriage is between two individual and another ingredient is that one of mutual respect. I see so much potential in my daughter and son in law marriage and I wish both of them so much blessings and joys in their life together as one. Please enjoy a short version of their wedding that was performed and celebrated at the Catalonia Beach & Resort,  in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. I strongly recommend the resort for everyone’s wedding plans and event.

Now a year has passed and I am the proud and the blessed  grandmother of a beautiful girl. Abella Reina, born April 6th, 2015 on Easter Monday. I am really enjoying this time of my life with them.

Until next time


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My First Grandchild

My 1st Grandchild

I thought to give you all an update of were I am today.

This past Sunday March the 1st, 2015 we hosted my first grandchild’s baby shower. How happy and exciting it is the time of now. I’ve never been so proud of my daughter. I truly know that she will be an amazing mother, because she has learned from the best!  LOL

I love you Jazmin.

When you are looking  forward to seeing your next addition to your family, it is something that cannot be described. I feel so overjoyed because we are hosting the 2nd baby shower on my birthday March 7th. Right after that, the wait begins for the baby arrival.

An Up Date Has Happened! Abella Reina was born on April 6th, 2015. Parents, baby & family,  we are all doing great.

Until Next Time,








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Heartbreak, Grieving & Getting Back Up!

Heartbreak PhotoWhen we love someone in our lives and then we go through a break up, a friend or our significant other, most of us think, well let’s just move on to the next!  But that is not an easy thing to do, for when a relationship ends it is like a death, a death after been part of someones life for quite a prolong length of time.

If we keep repeating this pattern without taking the time to look back and analyze and review the life lived with this person and I mean any type of relationship, we won’t learn from it and we will miss the lessons that a particular situation may have taught us.  We will just keep repeating the same mistakes until we learn.

It doesn’t matter how long the relationship lasted, what matters is the emotional investment and the energy that each individual put into the relationship.  What happened that lead to the break up of the relationship?  How invested was each individual?

There are relationships that can be saved and things can continue on, but some just can’t, due to ego based assumptions, or because one or both parties were terrible hurt and they can’t get passed it.


Grief is part of the process when someone dies, or a relationship breaks down, for example when someone dies and we have got a grudge with this special someone, or old friend, this is when many people feel shameful, angry and filled up with grief towards themselves, specially if there is a death; because the person realizes that it is to late to say I am sorry or at least to say I forgive you for what ever happened.

The best kind of forgiveness is the one that can be said in person, in front of the other person, but there has to be acknowledgment from each party of what they contributed with in the break up.  This is what really gives room for the healing, but there are moments that this cannot be possible, because sometimes it is better to walk away and that is where the saying comes handy about “There is a time to say your peace and make up, but there is a time to know when to walk away and never look back.”

When a marriage ends there is so many emotions going inside each person; anger, hurt, shame, sorrow and it feels like someone died there is an empty part of the household that feels eery, that empty side of the bed, the familiarity of having someone special sleeping close to you.  It takes time to get this sorted out.  That is the grief that we should heal with before we jump into another relationship and more so that when we jump into a new relationship too fast, we are carrying with us the old karma and dark cloud from the previous relationship.  I believe it is best to take the time to grieve before you open yourself up for a new person in your life.

While we are grieving we will deal with so many emotions.  When we feel sad, we should not hide this from ourselves.  Instead, I would recommend that you watch a movie that makes you cry; a very moving, touching, life provoking film about life and our own humanity.  This will actually give you the chance to shed those tears that you are holding on to, due to anger.  Tears are the release from the soul.  Our spirit is hurting and it is a form of cleansing and a way to release the burdens of what we are holding within ourselves.

I may say “Take care of the self.  Take time by yourself in order to heal the emotional wound.  This will give you room to be open for the next love that will take your breath away.”


Getting back up is something that teaches us a lot in our lives and makes us stronger.  When we are going through the grieving process of a break up, we need to surround ourselves with positive people, places and things.  We also need time to be alone.  We need to go on a date with ourselves, we need to nurture the self, doing what we like and love to do.  During the time of getting up is when we are ready for the new life, the new adventure, the new love that we envision.

I do recommend during this time in your life, that you go to the movie with friends or alone, to go for dinner with self or with others, be present where there are people, for there you will be able to find and get to know new people and welcome them into your life.  Go to dance, sign up for new hobbies like dancing, take a class at the local college to learn a new language or something musical.  Challenge your brain into learning new things and this will bring more possibilities into your new beginnings.

Some people stay alone after they had gone through a bad break up, but the cup of tea is to be able to move on and start over again.  This is what I call to know the difference, to live again, to be able to say I am healed, I made it to the other side, leaving behind the baggage from the past, because if we bring the baggage from the past, this will destroy the new. When I say baggage I mean old resentments and old bad behaviors.  This is why it is so important to go through the break up analytically and to recognize what part you played for this to happen, and also to make sure that you understand and know exactly what you do not like or want in a relationship. The healing process through the grieving is what is called the transformation becoming the new you, to rise above like the phoenix.

If you are currently going through this right now, I send you my love and light and encourage you to contact me for help with your healing.

Until next time,


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A Letter & A Love Poem Written For My Sweetheart & Twin Soul My Blue Feather

Blue Feather

As I was reading some books, I was taken into a place of thinking that drinking was very bad for my well being. Then in another time I started reading another book and it said that smoking was also bad for my health and well being. Then I was shocked more so, when I read in another book that making love, wanting more, desiring it more, getting to deep into it, was also very, very bad for my health and spiritual well being. From there on I stopped reading, and started researching within my soul!

That is when I came into finding you, knowing you, meeting you. This brought me into the conclusion that lovingly making love with you, even if it is forgiven and as bad as they are saying that it is, I still choose to do it with you and I do not care if all hell breaks loose, as long as I am for ever making love with you.

Making love with you, is the only way that I can feel myself whole all over and over again each time that this happens and is when I meet with that other part of me that brings me into oneness. I want you, need you and want to love you now, not later, not after, I mean now. Now is the time to build it, by you giving me your present now and from me I will give you my future; are you ready to take this risk?

Are you ready to take the plunge? Let’s jump together into the unknown, take a chance on me if you want to, as much as I want you. Taking a chance to jump with me is the only way to break free from your fears, for what was told to you that was not is the only way to be what you want to be, leave the old behind my sweet soul and join me with the new leave of down, for that is what is called a clean slate and that will make all of your dreams to come true.

Let’s make love all night long until all our strength is gone, until the sun comes up let’s make love, oh baby, let’s make love for ever, we are the ones to bring heaven to earth by our endless love making we can create new stars, new downs, new galaxies, planets, suns, moons, and a new universe, because we are the creators of the nectar of life through love making every time that only you and I can come up with the big bang as one. Let me be your Goddess as you are my God, let’s worship each others as only you and I can know, for there cannot be another to complement, reach and create what we can do with our shared DNA of the chosen ones.

“This is not for the faint of heart, for life is something so strong that its renovation is placed into the hearts of the braved one.”


A Letter & a Poem created from the heart and soul of
Reiana the 7th. If you are a dreamer and think of true love like I am, this letter and poem is an example of the feelings that emanates from the heart and soul when you are in love with love, in love with life.


Hello my honey, hello my honey comb.
When I think of you I have no other choice
other than to overcome

Hello I tell you, hello my honey comb
You are my grace my enlightenment with
that fire from above

Walking free throughout the forest, walking slow step by step
I go seeing the forest beauty as far as I can go,
but one thing through all of this sure in my mind and soul
all that I can sing out loud is
hello my honey, hello my honey comb.

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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The Power Of True Love & The Arrival Of The Twin Soul

True Love

Today I am feeling very compelled and motivated into talking about true love and about surrendering into that amazing power of life force, ecstasy, discovery and well being.

Sometimes we think that we should have reserves and preconceived notions about this topic, we are lead into thinking that wanting to have this part of life alive within us and within our relationship with our partner is a bad thing, our psych becomes tricked into believing this, and then this is where we fall short of the grace in our search for finding life in this planet.

“Living without the spirit, is like living dead like a dead tree, for what is life without it? When we fall in love, we fall in love with the spirit being that lives inside the person fully alive; their spirit, their soul. Live, love and be happy my friends. When we are born we receive the spirit through our first breath; there we recognize that we are alive. When we make love we need to make sure that it happens with and for loving purposes, because that stage in our lives is an awakening of our spirit and soul, it is a combination of our energy fields with another human being in love for love.

We have been programmed through our DNA from the moment of conception, that we already are who we are and who we will become, that’s for sure. Life happens for the purpose of that amazing make up that lives within ourselves and if we keep fighting against that grain, our life will be short lived, unmanageable and simply wrong! That is for sure. It is not that we should be always subject to think and be relying in the flesh, but every person in the planet should have someone very special to wake up with, to look into their amazing eyes filled with love. If two people are not in love they should not live together sleeping in the same bed, I believe it is a disservice to life.

We have a mission to live by and to conquer and we know inwardly when the time is right for everything to happen, when the time comes to find that thing that we are looking for, it comes in the form of the greatest thing ever created. It is called love. Love is the only thing that is real. Lucky are those that find true love in all things and in all of the living things by coming back into being like children, filled with trust and with the understanding of living life on this planet. How amazing the creator of all things is!!

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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