The Source Of Life Called The Breath

Just BreatheToday I feel moved to write about our breath and the benefits that we gain by developing a conscious, healthy and therapeutic living through breathing correctly.

Sometimes we think that we breathe right, but if we stop and consciously monitored our way of breathing we will soon realize that we are tremendously lacking the majority of times, and that in itself is something that causes in our lives the blockages of our chi energy, taking our systematic makeup to crash, make us ill and depleted.

When we are stressed, we stop breathing, some times for large period of time, and we don’t even notice it. Why don’t we notice this? Because we are consumed by our worries, we are involved in a dance with our thoughts, chatting back and forth with the situation that we are dealing with; we are erratically letting a problem, and outside source or situation to take over us, instead of we taking the control of not letting this things drive us into an out of control mind game.

Meditation is a great source to help us to bring back our awareness, to be healthy and to live a life calm and rested. When we learn how to breathe right, we are creating, maintaining and developing a positive healthy magnetic field to shield us all around us through vibration, which then helps us to be connected in a healthy manner with the source of all life.

When we are born, we inhale the breath of life, for the first time in our life, our whole being fills up with that essence, and we become fully alive and fully connected with our spirit with our divine creator in our own, because before that we are dependent of our mother to breathe for us through her womb. What a marvelous thing! From that very moment that we are born into this universe, we play a big part of the creation in all that we do from that very moment, we are beautiful and we are angels in the making, but it depends on what type of angel we want to be or to become as we grow.

How do we fall off the wagon of life? We fall off the wagon of life, when we get too busy consumed by life stressors and responsibilities.  We start to do everything that our critical minds had taught us since childhood, that being, the critical mind or the voices of the people in power around us, the more critical of us those voices were in the past, the more critical that would be as we grow, the worse is for us to break free from those voices once this is triggered when we have a life crisis. I do not say that people should not pray, but instead people need to meditate more and have conversations with the creator in a healthy manner, in our moments of solitude, so that we can grasp things and become more clear in which path we need to go guided by the inner God/Goddess that lives within our heart, just waiting for us to let it guide us to higher ground of consciousness and peace.  For with every beat of our heart lies a great awareness and a powerful source supply. Instead of using it, we go asking around for approval instead of asking that divine being that lives within us.


Firstly it is nice to cleanse the space with dry sage, incense, and some dry pine flakes, or pine cone, add some tobacco if you want (this is optional).  This act will purify the premises, once you do this, take a spray bottle fill it up with warm water adding into it some aromatic essential oils, like ylang ylang, rose mary, lily of the valley; then add some ground mustard, sea salt or Himalayan salt mix it shaking it well then spray this all around. I also use bells to ring them in each and every corner of the place that I am working with energy healing.

One you are ready, light a bees wax candle or a few, whatever you prefer.  Fill up a big clear glass or a cup with water, add a grain of sea salt into it; this will balance the energetic elements around your space.  I do strongly recommend for the meditator to drink a glass of water before starting any type of holistic practice, this seems to clear the mind and helps to calm down the nervous energy that we carry within us. When this is all done, go to a quiet place within your living space, you can lie down on a yoga mat, or a blanket, or you can just sit in a chair in a comfortable position. Play some nice soft background music. Close your eyes, and begin by breathing deeply, visualize a nice soft blue light coming from above and going in through your crown chakra.

Now, say quietly in your mind, the following words:

“I call upon me and upon this place, that I am in at this moment, the most divine spiritual source of light, love, protection and truth of the heavenly beings, to come and help me as I do this meditation, may this create healing and guide for me and for all of the people that need it at this very moment for me and for them I pray amen.”

As you say this keep breathing and visualizing the light, blue, green, yellow and purple going through you like a body scan.  As you are seeing this going through, you will feel your energy changing with each pass of colorful light. As you breathe deeply in, visualize the breath going all the way to your feet, arms and every part of your body with each passing breath to make it whole and activated. In the last breath try to visualize the orange light come through you, for this is the light of the inner child within, the light of creation, then visualize a white light surrounding you and the all of the other light colors like a circle all around you and from within you.

Keep breathing and concentrating on your breath.  It is also nice to have a mantra to say to yourself so that this will keep you from distraction.  If for whatever reason you find yourself distracted, you can re-direct back into the mantra and the more you do this the better you will come in guiding your thoughts and directing your body into being in a quiet and happy place.

I usually say these words when meditating. Inhaling I say love, exhaling I say peace, then light in, beauty out and so on, back and forth, but always positive words in and positive words out. The reason that I do this is because what we bring out is what we bring into ourselves.

Hope that this help you all to continue into growing and manifesting your lifestyle changes for a better and healthy you

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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Meditating with Mandalas

First, let’s begin by defining what Meditation is.  Meditation has been used from the very beginning of time.  It was, it is and it will always be a way to communicate with the divine spirit of the creator, the higher power, which is our foundation and our master; the one that lives within each and every one of us.

Meditation is a practice for calming the mind.  We may often feel our minds are so confused and focused in what is going on around us, with too much mental chatter of what is right or wrong with the world. With so much self talk about what has been told to us throughout the years that we have lost a part of us for a long time, and we realize this when we feel burnout through a life, family or friends crisis, and we can find it very difficult to experience the peaceful and quiet state of our minds which we so desperately need.

With meditation, we create balance and health in our lives, in our daily tasks, for our connection with all living things.  Why? Because when we meditate, we are more conscious in all that we do, it doesn’t mean that we become perfect, but we do definitely become aware in a conscious level of what we do, where we are going and in how we treat ourselves and others.

The universe is a gigantic force, with unimaginable source of power, strength and manifestation. We may never know the secrets of the universe, but we can definitely discover more and more ways to use this gift given to us by this powerful force to improve our communities and our environment at large.  We all have a task and a duty to take care of it by taking care of nature, when we take care of nature we are taking care of ourselves, our family and friends, we live in it, so we should always look for ways to do the right thing, for our own greatest good and that of all living things.

The mandalas are probably as old as humankind, they appear in most of the earliest marks made by humans and express something innate in ourselves through symbols.  They arise from the deepest level of our consciousness, taking us into an exploration of the mysteries of our minds, spirit and soul. The mandalas are part of the secrets of the whole universe at large, they are shapes and forms that we have all around ourselves, in nature and in all that we do.  It is something that we see in our daily lives but we do not pay attention unless we are spiritually wide awake.  Once we have the third eye opened, we are fully aware of certain things. The mandalas are symbolic pictures used in meditation to take the meditator on a wordless journey into the mind’s deepest mysteries.

The mandalas will help you to grow in peace and awareness as you meditate with them; my hope is that you the reader, will follow this guide to make it part of your living and that you can pass this knowledge to your off springs so that they too can take care of themselves.

THE CIRCLE:  Is the form that we may consider to be the primary one and one of the most basic one, for example: The Form Of Our Masters The Sun & The Moon, and I mean our masters because the sun is the giver of light, strength, power, and illumination for us to be able to see and the moon is the discloser of the dark mysteries of life, the unknown, the hidden secrets of life itself.  This symbol is endless because it has no end and no beginning.  It is the magic still centre that defines us by protecting us in it’s sacred space to help us to find peace and tranquility. It creates a magnetic field, as an aura, when we do work with this amazing mandala. The circle is also the wheel of life, the symbol of ultimate perfection, the passage of this life into the next, the mediator between life, death and eternity.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for disc and such forms are of different shapes and forms, within the circle or without it. Without the circle there cannot be a mandala and a mandala plays a mayor roll in the artistic formation of sacred, spiritual, and traditional art showing the cosmic embodiment in shape and forms of the divine beings. Hinduism and Buddhism particularly have this way of showing the cosmic forces behind existence. Oneness is achieved through meditating with mandalas helping the meditator to reach the unconscious levels of the mind. The Eastern and Western, Christianity and all major religions have some shape and forms to portrait their spiritual work within their churches and temples, you can see the forms of mandalas in their windows, ceilings, roofs and arts within the sacred places in itself have the mandala symbolism within it. The head of Christ and of the saints and archangels is a great example of the circle of the echoes of the mandalas in the halo that surrounds them. This means that they had reached the illumination of the higher self in knowledge of the divine, they graduated from the school of life of some sort.

In general overall meditating with a mandala is a mystical journey that takes the meditator from the path of ignorance into the path of enlightenment, a place within all knowledge and understanding.

Some may say why meditate if I pray!  Well, meditation is a path of self discovery, awareness and transformation in our own spiritual nature, knowledge and understanding.  It helps us to focus, to improve our memory and alertness and most of all, it combats the effect of stress that is the major cause of illnesses. By meditating you help to lower your blood pressure, restore sleep, lift the spirit, assists with pain management and it may help to improve your physical appearance.

When we embark into a spiritual journey of discovery, we will come upon a moment and time of creating our own mandala, to help us to master our spiritual life journey.

“Let your hook be always cast.  In the pool
where you least expect it, and there will be fish.”
– Ovid (43 BC-AD17)

Mandala                                                     ~ Mandala by Reina Rodriguez

Mandala 3 by David FontanaMandala 4 by David FontanaHistory    Mandala 2 by David Fontana

~ Mandala’s by David Fontana

“I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God.”
– Sufi Proverb

Hope that you all enjoyed reading today’s topic.

Until next time!

Reiana The 7th

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The Holistic Healing Practice Throughout History

HistoryHolistic healing practices are a form of treatment that began at the beginning of time, dating back to 4,000-7000 BC. In Egypt the pharaohs had their wives treated by their maid’s with holistic baths to keep them healthy and young looking.  Oils and all different aromatic herbs were used to give massage and baths at all times to the women as much as for the men because this would help them to have a healthy intimate sexual relationship.

A body that is tired and stressed can cause a lack of sexual desires; perhaps this is why in today’s society, so many couples call it quits; they are relying more on consuming drugs that will instead take away their desires and will to perform well and healthy, even in old age.

Sometimes you hear that too much sex is bad for the body; well, in fact, the opposite is true. When a person has an orgasm, their brain cells rejuvenate, increase their power and their serotonin release its powerful effect that causes a alpha state of mind helping us to get in touch with our most deepest psychic visions and developmental performance.  ‘Living a happy, healthy and loving life with a partner or spouse in a relationship, helps us to age timelessly young and content, because love is a wonderful thing’.

Cleopatra had her clever ways of having her own holistic milk baths, but that was not all;  the milk was also mixed with aromatic herbs and flower essences.  She would fill the bath tub with this warm aromatic baths and relax herself so well, that she would day dream by visualizing her most inner desires, and would come up with all sort of ideas to help her lover boys become wealthy and prosperous.  They were Ptolemy The 13th, Mark Anthony, Julius Caesar, Ptolemy The 14th, while she was laying down on a bed of soapy aromatic milky bath.  She would then lather her body with holistic oils which would drive her men wild.

Cleopatra was a very desired woman, she had a great power of seduction, enticing all men that would draw near her, not only induced by her beauty but induced by her energy and aura that she exuded, her skin was soft and very well kept, she was ageless. Cleopatra always prepared her own concoctions with special essential oils that would seduce the most talented and powerful people around her due to the powerful sense of smell from the products.  Aromatherapy has a great effect on our sense of smell working in our brain and awakening the sleeping powers from within.

The book of genesis speaks about the benefits of the plants and the natural habitat created by the Creator of the universe.  First it was the word, meaning that the secret of how things came about was taught or told by word of mouth, from person to person, family to family and on and on.  God created nature for us to take care of our needs, by us taking care of nature itself, having respect for nature we are respecting ourselves and creating or keeping a healthy environment for our children and the next generations.  All was provided for us to be fed and cleansed and healed by nature’s heavenly paradise. We can read this clearly in the Bible and in all sacred books.

We can all see that people used to live a very long life, happy and content to an old age; where nowadays, our nature has become weak and fragile because it is self induced by what we are eating, what we put into our mouth without researching or negative words and how we speak to ourselves without even any care.  We have being doing these things unconsciously for 100`s of years now. It is better described in the book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ or as the saying goes about dangling the carrot in front of our face; that is the game.

Our DNA is imprinted within our body’s cells and in our whole organism information dating from 7,000-10,000 BC, we just have to remember it because all has been locked in our own system of information codes cell by cell in a numerical order.

Holistic Living is a way of life; it is a change for the better and doesn’t mean you have to  conform like some religions teach us; instead, it is a way of being connected with the higher power that is. We are guided and special secrets are giving to those that trust and look for answers, meaning and help to live in a more meaningful way. Aromatherapy has a real and positive health benefit for all of us for our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level and growth.  Holistic medicine has been used around the globe for centuries; Greece, India, Egypt, Rome, the ancient Chinese civilization.

We can go all the way back to the stone age, the Neolithic age and the times of the homo-sapiens , they all survived for centuries by the use of holistic aromatherapy for mind, spirit, body and soul care. I remember as a child going with my grand-mother picking up the herbs to make tisane and to create the holistic baths, she used to tell me how to pick up the leaves, flowers, or the branches, to make sure that all came out without pain or rift. She then taught me how to prepare the aromatic baths and there is a lot of knowledge applied into making a healthy holistic bath to help to alleviate any maladies.

Holistic Aromatherapy Bath Tip:

As we do not have camels to get our milk for baths we can get goat, almond, soya or coconut milk mix it with 3-4 twigs of rosemary, 3-5 twigs of basil, 2-3 twigs of thyme, about one tsp of allspice, 5 sweet cloves, and 1-2 cinnamon sticks place it in a nice ceramic pot ¾ fill with water and bring it into a boil in a medium high temperature.
Just let it boil for about 5-7 minutes, then take the water and pour it into the bath tub, continue to fill it with warm water add some lavender soap or castile soap or which ever liquid soap you prefer. Add 1cup of aluminum free baking soda, 1cup of ground oats and 1 cup of Epson salt. Sit and soak in this amazing bath for about 10-15 minutes or maybe for 20 minutes, you will come out of that feeling like a goddess and ready to have an amazing beauty sleep. Please do not forget to make your nice soothing and relaxing chamomile tea to drink and relax while in the tub!

If you desire that your bath has a stronger aroma, then add some essential oils from the same products that I have mention herein. Try to always have bees wax candles to light for your baths and your prayer, for these candles have holistic aid for all of us as it burns. If you are someone that suffer from depression, please try to listen to loving relaxing music because instrumental love songs help the individual to get in touch with their feelings, their own nature to nurture the soul and spirit.  While you bathe, always visualize smiling faces in the parts of yourself that you need more nurturing and healing and feel the power of those smiling zones creating a ripley effect on you, so positive and amazing that you won’t want to ever stop smiling from within.

“If you can drink it for health reasons you can bath with it with the same goal in mind”.  This is my aromatherapy phrase.

Until next time!

Reiana the 7th

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Aromatherapy, Spirituality And A Natural Holistic Approach Of A Life Of Plenty!

Friday the 13 PhotoI am taking this moment to write on this subject because it is a very auspicious and interesting day; with so many planetary actions, moves, and awakening powers going on; all perpetrated by the universal spirit source.  Mercury is retrograde, it is a full moon and it is the day that throughout history has been spoken of over and over and over again. It is “Friday the 13th”.

So many people call it a day of bad luck and so many other things, but for me, it is a day of grace, beauty and renewal. How do you like that?

The holistic approach of aromatherapy is one of the most ancient and complimentary ways of living a conscious and healthy lifestyle; being with nature instead of against it. As we use the amazing and volatile aromas of nature, we replenish our body, spirit, mind and soul.  In nature the spirit is alive, free and bountiful. Without it, the spirit is dead, broken, and disconnected from the essence of the true source that is; this is what it means when the Bible speaks about worshiping. For God is in nature, a natural spirit source. This is why the great sages, wise men and women who are spiritual teachers go to the wilderness, to the mount, to find the knowledge that is needed to grow in the light of the spirit.

It is important to keep our body and Chakras energy balanced, grounded and cleared from many toxic and dangerous environmental energies and stressful vibes that come in from the air and as a vibration through magnetic field sources, or just by our way of living in toxic relationships.  If we go back in time and carefully read and analyze the holy books that were written in ancient times, we can understand that there are even holistic recipes being told as stories to be followed, or stories of things done by these men and women who got their lives back on track.

The great people of our time have stories that are told which would imply their use of aromatherapy to clear their environmental surroundings. They used baths and essential oils, salts and burnt incense, myrrh, dry herbs, animal horns and pine cones during their ceremonies, to purify the air and the places called holy! It has been believed that it makes the people and the places whole, blessed and connected to the spirit source.

Why did they burn these things you may ask? The reason is because these things will help you to see, think and act in a more conscious way; it brings clarity to your mind, it awakens the spirit within yourself, helping you to be more in touch with it. It also makes you aware of that divine nature and power within thy self, it makes you one with nature and the divine source, it shields you from outside negative forces.

As we go through our lives, we often get disconnected from the beauty that we came from since our birth. We easily get distracted and guided by outside sources and “influences” towards a place were we are lead astray, left oblivious, clueless and spiritually blinded to the fact that we are in itself the church and the temple of the divine source.

The universe is a beautiful and a bountiful source of empowerment and guide and if we ask we shall receive, this is why we have to be careful of what we do, think and say to ourselves and others.

My great-grandfather, Amalio de Jesus Tineo, “Papa Ñaño”, as we used to call him, was a very wise man that came from Spain. He died at the age of 125, and I do remember his teachings passed on to all of us. My goal is to continue to happily pass them on. His knowledge was endless and profound. He was as tall as a giant, standing at almost seven feet and I loved him very much. I remember going as a little child to the place were he kept his bees, (he was a bee-keeper), where he would make beeswax candles and sold it with the honey. He was very smart and followed the living, teachings and guide of the natural, divine and universal source of ‘the positive thinking’. He loved passing it on to his family members.

Aromatherapy helps us to clearly bring into our lives the power of visualization for healing purposes, for ourselves and others, by combining the powerful herbal aromatic oils with a holistic therapy treatment, taking into account a person’s medical history and emotional health. In general, health and lifestyle before we start planning a course of treatment. Aromatherapy is one of the most popular of all complimentary therapies, offering a wide range of very highly effective treatments for the chronic and acute stages of illnesses and diseases.

The regular use of holistic aromatherapy treatments and that of the use of home-made products, can help to strengthen the immune system, to develop mental sharpness and establish some preventions in our approach to a more healthier lifestyle filled with positive energy.

I always try hard to raise awareness, live by and bring the understanding of this law in my life. The Natural Spirituality is a very deep subject and way of life that only those that are spiritually awakened can understand its laws and become free from within. Let’s not live life like the cripple man that was spiritually paralyzed by shame, fear and guilt. Once he was told by Jesus to rise and walk, he became a brand new man; “Born Again”.

The source of all illnesses is derived and triggered by stress, once you learn how to harness your life by becoming whole again, you are walking onto a new horizon and a new stage of your life.

Holistic Smudging Tip:

Combine dry rosemary, rue or ruta, pine cones, tobacco sage and incense.  Use it when you having a bonfire, or just to smudge your house or business; this will help to wart mosquitoes, bugs, and to get rid of heavy negative energy and ghostly presence from haunted places.

‘Live life passionately in love with love, and when things are not going that well, just learn to dance under the rain of the valley of tears while it lasts, visualizing through it all, that the light of the sun is strongly shining on you with a big loving smile.  At the same time, it pours upon the time a powerful shield of divine protection, always whispering into your ears that all is going to be alright’.

Until next time,

Reiana The 7th

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The Labyrinth Walk Of June 4th, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat I am about to tell you was something that truly happened to me and a group of beautiful women working towards helping ourselves on our spiritual journey here on earth.

There was an amazing couple that had a labyrinth in their back yard, not to far from were I lived, so we gathered around 31 women and one man to go for this walk on the night of the full moon of June 4th, 2014. I felt very excited about this walk because it was my time experiencing this. We gathered earlier around the bonfire, we prayed and connected with our inner spirit source to help us to release the negative things that have worn us down and from anything that was preventing us from moving forward throughout our lives. The evening was exhilarating and I felt completely liberated from this experience.

I strongly recommend for anyone that may be going through any emotional, mental distress or any given illness to go and walk the labyrinths wherever you can find one. Many doctors from oncology send their patients to go and walk the labyrinth due to the powerful healing spiritual transformation that it provides to get rid of illnesses. It is a mind blowing experience and also is a way to renew the spirit, regain strength and feel free.

Labyrinth’s have been around for ages and always for the purpose to regain spiritual strength, liberation, healing and awareness. That night, our group walked around this particular labyrinth one by one. We did our ceremonies that needed to be done and then it was time to take pictures of the big full moon.

Here is when things got mysterious and the phenomenon is unexplainable.

I took my regular camera to take my pictures, I was so excited to do this, the moon was beautiful and gorgeous. I consider myself as a sun/moon gazer as I love to stare at it when the time is of the essence. I started looking to the moon through the camera lens, but I noticed something out of the ordinary.

I saw the moon moving around like doing a dance in a circular motion! I was spooked a bit, but at the same time I was not scared because for me, I’ve experienced many unexplainable things in my lifetime.  Anyhow, I started taking pictures but the more I tried the pictures were not turningn out and looked very different of what was supposed to be a full moon. So I called over a few of the women and told them about it. They too noticed the same phenomenon.  They saw the moon dancing plus they saw me taking the pictures. I even asked one of them to take a picture with the camera and the same thing happened, every one had cameras there but mine was the only one that this was happening too. I strongly believe that this was something extraordinarily beautiful and powerful, so did the people that were witnessing this amazing universal showdown.

I am showing to you some of this amazing pictures, as a reminder of the wonder of nature the universe and the connection that binds all us together.

Moon PhotosMay you all enjoy it and may you all find healing as you take a look at these pictures of the moon with its healing powers of love and transformation.

Until next time

Reiana The 7th

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The Law Of Karma Versus Love!

The Law of Karma

The Law Of Isaac Newton States That:  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This Statement means or refers to that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects.

Also we can put it this way.

‘When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.  I realized that this is an amazing statement when it comes into loving one another.  When a person feels lonely and depressed, they often are inactive and in a state of inertia, which, in this state, plays a very dark part or dark side in the life and physical, spiritual and mental state of the individual.

What I mean by this, is that in love, the Law of Newton also works tremendously great! For when we have been in the brink of dispair, love comes to save the day.  Someone that has an equal force in magnitude to exert into the body of the other, opposite in direction, meaning male and female as we were created from the beginning, this brings us to life. Using encounters for pleasure does not cut it, instead it brings to one individual or to both the repercussion of that action.  All of this means that love does exist and can be conquered like life as a new.  The heart is given only once in a life time!  We can love many times but true love comes when we fall in love without reason of asking why? Just by been open to it and release the hurts of the past.

Finding true love is like coming home.  It is a wonderful feeling that we have finally got to the place that we were looking for all along and all of a sudden it manifests into a beautiful feeling that can only be felt from within.  This love, this feeling, is what we share in our lives with all of those that come in contact with us.  True love is like a river running alive through our veins.  This love heals each and every time when we let it come to help another.

The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on a second object
Very clever and clear to put it this way!  As I studied and research life, it really gives me an amazing feeling of beauty and bliss from the inside out.  And I can only say life is beautiful and the creator of life is a genius.

As human beings we interact with each other and we all have a goal in life and some times we confuse one thing with another and there comes the big bang; a mistake that we might not be able to correct.

Karma works on us as a reminder of our own mistakes, we sometimes do this acting on our own way of thinking, but forget that we have an intuitive spirit that works through us all.  From the inside and when we do things to satisfy the ego not to comply with and orderly universal guide we fail to ourselves, to the other party and to the universal law.

We are to plant seeds in order to gather the harvest, some may think that we have to wait until we get old to gather the harvest and the problem is that most of us leave this earth without having lived waiting to get old in order to get the harvest or the rewards of our hard work in life.

Fall in love and get rid of karmic chains that drag people and cultures onto a road of never after. When we fall in love we become complete and become like children we believe once again in life.  By doing wrong to someone we get the ripple effect of that action, of that deed. “ When you receive someone in your home treat them royally because you have no idea if you just have received an angel, so next time that someone comes into your home, do your best to do the right thing.  It doesn’t mean to loose yourselve or to not be reserved in your live but this means to treat others like you would like to be treated. Great and good.

Karma is so powerful that is tied up to everything that we are and we do.  It is connected to the universe and weather we believe in it or not, the results are the same.  It will come when you least expect it.  Sometimes using people with bad hidden agendas brings that back around when the time is right.

When you feel restless and stressed ask your heart what is going on? What is it that this situation is trying to tell you?  We get certain places were we feel pain, stress or uneasiness, direct your breathing, your thoughts and attention on that part that is feeling uncomfortable and your body will let you know one way or another.  The body speaks to us to help us to evolve, that is why we need to pay attention to what messages we are receiving and we will know where this is coming from.

“Live a life that you can go to bed and feel awesomely great when you fall at sleep, you can rest instead of going insane with insomnia and restlessness.

“Be alive as you sleep be alive as you wake up.”

Until next time

Reiana The 7th.

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Laughter, Your Life & Your Sanity!

Today I woke up thinking about laughter, renewal and the contentment that we all feel when we keep our spirit alive!

As many of my friends know, I have learned to love and appreciate life and I always laugh out loud and am recognized by my signature smile and laughter were ever I go.  However, it wasn’t always like that for me.  Growing up had some difficult times and unfortunately, I spent more time in the intensive care unit at the hospital, than in my own room at home.  So, without going into any details, I’ve learned to enjoy the simple things in life now and enjoy every moment.

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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Life and The Paranormal!

May 4 Photo

Today I would like to speak about the subject of the paranormal. The seeing and unseeing.

The controversial facts or fiction about it and why we should understand this as something that is really part of our daily lives.

There are few topics which provoke more conflict and controversy in our society than psychic powers and there are often conflicting reports by the media, especially when they hear a story about a psychic who has cooperated with a police department in solving a crime which has left authorities troubled for years. They cannot comprehend how a person can know something or forsee an event that had happened years ago, especially when the psychic had no knowledge of anyone involved.

We are all connected as spiritual beings and the all seeing eye, the all hearing ear. These are opened doors connected to the supernatural forces of the universe and ourselves.

There is a saying of how God the Creator, hears all things and sees all things, you remember that? Well, nothing is hidden from the Creator. We are free agents of the universe and it is up to us if we want to work with the light or the darkness. For we have ears, eyes and a still voice and both of these forces can speak. It is up to us to know which one is talking and which one we are following.

You may ask but how can I know which one is talking to me? All I can tell you is, that you will know. By developing your gut feelings or intuitive ability and by paying attention and being fully aware of what comes close to you, you will know. You must be present at all times. Some people were born with this ability already developed while others will develop them as they mature; if they so desire.

The reason that the World has been downspiriling is because people have been taught to NOT pay attention to it. That it is hokey pokey, hoggwash. But in reality, we are never alone and that is a fact of life. Some things come in the air that cause spiritual warfares with families, groups and churches. Even animals and plants get their share of good and bad; that is why we need to spiritually protect ourselves.

We have to pay attention when we speak to anyone for their ears are listening and that is what I mean about the all hearing and all seeing ear and eye.

Right now the awakening that has been happening is because people are more in tune and are realizing that something is off, and that much research is needed by developing spiritual awareness and protection for self and others.

Not only do most people not know what to believe, but they are largely misinformed about the fundamental nature and source of this phenomena.

Psychic and paranormal powers do not involve abnormal brains, or any indication of demonic possessions. Rather, they have their source in an instinctive and highly emotional level of human psyche which is a very fundamental part and essence of our being.  Be honest, do it right, or don’t do it at all, integrity is a very important part of this art of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Although the paranormal is something beneficial and genuine, it also is a fact that human beings can achieve it. Having said that, once they have learned and achieved this power, they can also abuse it, so we must be very straight forward in admitting that there are some occasions of abuse of psychic power, as well as unfortunate tendency for fraud and deception done by con-artists who attempt to take advantage of successful people. Once they have developed a strong psychic ability and experiences, they can also take advantage of the human gullability using their power to get money not to help others sincerely.

A genuine Psychic is unlikely to abuse his/her power. Psychic abilities are not something to be learned by following a set of instructions like following a cooking recipe book; instead this requires self-discipline, years of study and knowledge and a hightened vibrational awareness and reality of our place in the universe.

“Wisdom cries out in the street; in the squares she raises her voice. At the busiest corner she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks.”(Proverbs 20-21).

Until next time!

Reiana the 7th

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April 13 - PhotoNumerology is a secret science with hidden meanings through letters and numbers. When we search for the science behind it, we unveil the secret of the power of the word, names, thoughts, and the root of all things.

Your name and your birth date are powerful tools to be explored by you to understand the parameter of your life, your make up … all through numbers.

Find your birth master number by adding your birth date.

For example 03-07-1962
Add 0+3+0+7+1+9+62=28

10 is a very powerful master number which Pythagoras spoke alot about this number in his teachings and long before Pythagoras the sages of Atlantis and Melchizedek priests and king’s dynasty had been teaching this knowledge to their children. The same knowledge was passed to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon. From this order is also where Jesus found his spiritual instructions and became transformed as a Spiritual Healing Master and Teacher.

10 is the number of completion, a number that when studied with the 22 basic sounds formed from the letter combinations of God’s name, reveals the sacred secrets of creation.

“Without The Egg, The Seed Of The Sperm Is Useless, Without Love As The Foundation Of All Things; The Spirit Of Life Is Not There. Choose Wisely”

“Those who seek, validate and follow their intuition with perseverance and faith in their findings are those that always shall find the Holy Grail.”

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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Holistic Aromatherapy Healing Combined With The 3 Secret Science of Numerology, Astrology & Parapsychology

Yellow Flowers

From the early beginnings of our civilization, from Galileo, Nostradamus, Einstein, Pythagoras and all the great knowledgeable giants of our past and present times, including presidents, sages, medicine women/men, shamanism, global masters, theologians and teachers, they all know one thing! That astrology, numerology and parapsychology are a great part of us. It is in our formation and our molecular and biologic makeup and that by having the knowledge about it helps humanity and all living things in a very great way.

The astrologic mysteries are all combined with the knowledge of the universe, the planets, the earth numerology and the parapsychology of life in itself, through vibrations, sounds and geometrics figures.

Parapsychology is the study of the unknown, the mysterious things that happen all around us which makes us to stop, think and question things; pushing us into beginning to search for solutions in our own lives. That is how big discoveries come to life.  At the time of the coming of Jesus, the 3 Kings were big astrologers and graduates of the kabbalah secret studies. So were the scribes and priests, members of the committee advisors of the king and they predicted the coming of Jesus; the coming of the one that would revolutionize the world with his message of love and freedom, the one that was born to be!! He came to create change.

Every 500 years there is a shift in humanity, for the best, for our growth and for a new era of consciousness. All the great masters of our global history, have found the Christ in them. They have found enlightenment, then they have spread the word of what has being taught to them from spirit. An enlightened individual is a person to whom most great sacred and secret knowledge has been spiritually revealed, to help humanity grow, to expand, evolve and to create changes that are needed. They are the chosen individuals. It is so important that we concentrate in our heart, because there is where life breathes the teacher, the great master and messenger of our life and destiny, we come with a code, a numeric code that will open up at the right time, at the right moment and we all can tap into it by meditating and doing our own spiritual work, by embarking in a spirit life journey of seeking and discovering more than living a blind faith.

Another thing that is not explained is that the heart center or the happy place as some people refer to, can be found by common sense. This heart is alive, moves like a big giant cosmic mass inside of you and once it gets activated, it sends the signals to the places that is connected within you, the universe and the cosmos in order for the individual to get it all put together.

Then and only then the vibrations of the cosmos begins to communicate more clearly with you.

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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