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On April 25th, 2014,  I had one of my best dreams do come true, and this was the dream to see my daughter Jazmin getting married with an amazing great man who could become another son to me and another brother  to my son Lucas. We all worked very hard together to make this dream of them and of all of us a reality.

I do believe in true love, in compromise, truth, communication  and in honesty in order to make a lasting momentum for the family unit. Two people get married and one key ingredient that can be added into the mix is the gift of friendship and the one of two people making life decisions together as one. A marriage is between two individual and another ingredient is that one of mutual respect. I see so much potential in my daughter and son in law marriage and I wish both of them so much blessings and joys in their life together as one. Please enjoy a short version of their wedding that was performed and celebrated at the Catalonia Beach & Resort,  in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. I strongly recommend the resort for everyone’s wedding plans and event.

Now a year has passed and I am the proud and the blessed  grandmother of a beautiful girl. Abella Reina, born April 6th, 2015 on Easter Monday. I am really enjoying this time of my life with them.

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