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Eucalyptus Heart Shape Leave~~~

I want to share with all of you something that happened to me today. As I got up early this morning,  I was still feeling this dreading headache since yesterday because for that reason I was really feeling a lot of  barometric pressure, all in one side of my head,  that  was making me feel nauseous. I decided to go to the kitchen and prepare for myself a nice warm cup of herbal tea. Then, as I walked into the kitchen I saw on the floor an eucalyptus leave with the shape of a heart and I decided to pick it up, as I grabbed it in my hand I felt this sensation all over me like my soul  smiling  from the inside out. Thank you my angel from heaven,  for loving me so much and for giving me clues to help me get rid of this headache I said to myself in a sigh.

The reason that I smiled with gratitude is because my whole life I get messages after messages like this holding a very clear  spiritual symbolism or sign.

__An Eucalyptus leave lying on the floor in an area that I could not miss it, for me to see

__Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to release  tension and  migraine headaches, including  breathing problems, head and chest congestion. The soothing effect of this aromatic plant also helps to sleep better when you are feeling unease and stressed, just by rubbing it all over your feet and behind your ear lobes and under the nose.

Later on during the day, I went to the store with my daughter Jazmin, she came in to get me out of the house to  go and get some fresh air.  I had left a bottle of eucalyptus oil on the table to use it on my way back to the house. Meanwhile, sortly after we got there we met with Janet Hogeboom,  she is a friend of mine and a colleague in the field of  holistic practice. We catch up on some things and then I mentioned to her about no feeling that well due to a  headache,  and you can  all imagine what she suggested right away. Eucalyptus oil! I smiled and thought wow, here comes the validation of the leave I found at home.

I want to thank my friend Janet for the validation. Once I came back to the house  I used the oil and lay down for a bit, then getting up later feeling so great that I felt like taking over the world.

Thank you so much for reading, my hope is that it helps someone else with this story


Until next time





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