International Women’s Day



Today we celebrate around the world International Women’s Day, and I thought to share a blog today in honor of all women.

From the beginnings of time women have worked so hard to overcome and to rise above from all of the labels of ‘oh she is just a woman’! As women we are multi talented, multitasking is our name, we wear so many hats day by day and night after night; A woman has a way of handling various businesses, but businesses that we do not realize that we are doing so. Since I was a little girl my grandmother always told me, you are a woman and never let yourself to be underestimate, taken for granted or unappreciated, we are hard work, the heart,  soul and the presence of the home and the life of our families, and if you find a man that loves you and respects you then you are set for life, then you would have found the life partner that can share the throne with you.  She also reminded me of never to feel bad by been alone, there is a time for everything and sometimes when we are alone is the time to work in our life’s mastery plan for the new start of a new best thing for us.

As women we need to be proud of who we are and always keep in mind that we are ” The Madden, The Goddess, The Back Bone of Humanity For Goodness Sake”. We work very hard to keep the family together, we are love and we practice this throughout our lives as a commitment to our father and mother in heaven, the heaven from within.

I raise my hat to say Happy International Women’s Day to each and everyone of you individually. Remember you are worth it, don’t undervalue yourselves, dream of a better tomorrow and lets keep taking the steps to build that dream that we envision so that our children’s children can have a better tomorrow as a gift but,  a gift that should be valued and cherished for the sake of our planet and the future generations .


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