A Letter & A Love Poem Written For My Sweetheart & Twin Soul My Blue Feather

Blue Feather

As I was reading some books, I was taken into a place of thinking that drinking was very bad for my well being. Then in another time I started reading another book and it said that smoking was also bad for my health and well being. Then I was shocked more so, when I read in another book that making love, wanting more, desiring it more, getting to deep into it, was also very, very bad for my health and spiritual well being. From there on I stopped reading, and started researching within my soul!

That is when I came into finding you, knowing you, meeting you. This brought me into the conclusion that lovingly making love with you, even if it is forgiven and as bad as they are saying that it is, I still choose to do it with you and I do not care if all hell breaks loose, as long as I am for ever making love with you.

Making love with you, is the only way that I can feel myself whole all over and over again each time that this happens and is when I meet with that other part of me that brings me into oneness. I want you, need you and want to love you now, not later, not after, I mean now. Now is the time to build it, by you giving me your present now and from me I will give you my future; are you ready to take this risk?

Are you ready to take the plunge? Let’s jump together into the unknown, take a chance on me if you want to, as much as I want you. Taking a chance to jump with me is the only way to break free from your fears, for what was told to you that was not is the only way to be what you want to be, leave the old behind my sweet soul and join me with the new leave of down, for that is what is called a clean slate and that will make all of your dreams to come true.

Let’s make love all night long until all our strength is gone, until the sun comes up let’s make love, oh baby, let’s make love for ever, we are the ones to bring heaven to earth by our endless love making we can create new stars, new downs, new galaxies, planets, suns, moons, and a new universe, because we are the creators of the nectar of life through love making every time that only you and I can come up with the big bang as one. Let me be your Goddess as you are my God, let’s worship each others as only you and I can know, for there cannot be another to complement, reach and create what we can do with our shared DNA of the chosen ones.

“This is not for the faint of heart, for life is something so strong that its renovation is placed into the hearts of the braved one.”


A Letter & a Poem created from the heart and soul of
Reiana the 7th. If you are a dreamer and think of true love like I am, this letter and poem is an example of the feelings that emanates from the heart and soul when you are in love with love, in love with life.


Hello my honey, hello my honey comb.
When I think of you I have no other choice
other than to overcome

Hello I tell you, hello my honey comb
You are my grace my enlightenment with
that fire from above

Walking free throughout the forest, walking slow step by step
I go seeing the forest beauty as far as I can go,
but one thing through all of this sure in my mind and soul
all that I can sing out loud is
hello my honey, hello my honey comb.

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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