My First Grandchild

My 1st Grandchild

I thought to give you all an update of were I am today.

This past Sunday March the 1st, 2015 we hosted my first grandchild’s baby shower. How happy and exciting it is the time of now. I’ve never been so proud of my daughter. I truly know that she will be an amazing mother, because she has learned from the best!  LOL

I love you Jazmin.

When you are looking  forward to seeing your next addition to your family, it is something that cannot be described. I feel so overjoyed because we are hosting the 2nd baby shower on my birthday March 7th. Right after that, the wait begins for the baby arrival.

An Up Date Has Happened! Abella Reina was born on April 6th, 2015. Parents, baby & family,  we are all doing great.

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