The Power Of True Love & The Arrival Of The Twin Soul

True Love

Today I am feeling very compelled and motivated into talking about true love and about surrendering into that amazing power of life force, ecstasy, discovery and well being.

Sometimes we think that we should have reserves and preconceived notions about this topic, we are lead into thinking that wanting to have this part of life alive within us and within our relationship with our partner is a bad thing, our psych becomes tricked into believing this, and then this is where we fall short of the grace in our search for finding life in this planet.

“Living without the spirit, is like living dead like a dead tree, for what is life without it? When we fall in love, we fall in love with the spirit being that lives inside the person fully alive; their spirit, their soul. Live, love and be happy my friends. When we are born we receive the spirit through our first breath; there we recognize that we are alive. When we make love we need to make sure that it happens with and for loving purposes, because that stage in our lives is an awakening of our spirit and soul, it is a combination of our energy fields with another human being in love for love.

We have been programmed through our DNA from the moment of conception, that we already are who we are and who we will become, that’s for sure. Life happens for the purpose of that amazing make up that lives within ourselves and if we keep fighting against that grain, our life will be short lived, unmanageable and simply wrong! That is for sure. It is not that we should be always subject to think and be relying in the flesh, but every person in the planet should have someone very special to wake up with, to look into their amazing eyes filled with love. If two people are not in love they should not live together sleeping in the same bed, I believe it is a disservice to life.

We have a mission to live by and to conquer and we know inwardly when the time is right for everything to happen, when the time comes to find that thing that we are looking for, it comes in the form of the greatest thing ever created. It is called love. Love is the only thing that is real. Lucky are those that find true love in all things and in all of the living things by coming back into being like children, filled with trust and with the understanding of living life on this planet. How amazing the creator of all things is!!

Until next time,

Reiana the 7th

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