Offering a full range of services designed not only to treat, but to promote optimum health.

Holistic Health It is the process of getting ready to choose, accept and embrace
the true meaning of Health, Wholeness and Attitude.

Aromatherapy Treatments – Including meditation with relaxation CD’s, aromatic oils, and steam room treatment to help to relax and release stress in a nice and peaceful setting.

Feng Shui – Consultations at your home to help you implement a Feng Shui life style. I will also educate you so that you have a better understanding of its benefits. I will draw a Bagua Map according to the position of your home so that it can be decorated accordingly, to balance the Chi in your home, family and the perimeter of you property.

Light Healing Services – Aura Healing, Oracle Angels Card, Coffee brew cup and tea leaves readings and healings – Get answers to your life’s questions, while changing your life for the better! Reiki energy healing with the use of pendulum, chakra balancing with stones, salt rock lamps, aromatherapeutic water. Crystal and metaphysical healing items.

We offer online services as well as in person.

WorkShops about Parapsychology and the Paranormal – Here we will be doing an introduction of the paranormal, mentoring of spiritual truths, knowledge, wisdom and ways to light up the path and practice by applying healthy life style changes.

– Therapeutic touch.
– Body pressure points application technique used to help you release tension and blocked energy.
– Chi balancing using the Larimar and Ambar Stones including soft relaxing music.
– Fear and anxiety releasing methods.
– Low self esteem and body image consultations.
– Emotional, mental and childhood trauma consultations.
– Depression consultations.
– Drug and alcohol abuse consultations.
– Success Coaching.
– Faith and Sexuality consultations.
– Reiki Energy Healing.
– Dominican cuisine ancient cooking – secret knowledge sharing workshops.