I have been experiencing a unique healing and harmonious therapy experience. Reina  has the most amazing ability to dialogue with my body and my energy. She listens to it in a way that no one before, including myself, has been able. Reina spotted a negative energy before I showed symptoms, has provided relief for chronic back pain, stress and anxiety and has provided immeasurable guidance and insight into the areas of my life where I am feeling “stuck” and into helping me realize and manifest my desires. I always look forward to my sessions with Reina because I know that I will learn something valuable and walk away feeling a profound sense of inner peace… Also, the natural products she work with are absolutely amazing healers.
He estado experimentando una terapia unica de sanidad y armonia. Reina tiene la capacidad más asombrosa de diálogar con mi cuerpo y mi energía. Ella escucha mi energia de una manera que nadie antes, incluyéndome a mí, ha sido capaz. Reina descubrió una energía negativa antes de que yo mostrara síntomas, ha proporcionado alivio para dolor de espalda crónico, el estrés y la ansiedad, y ha proporcionado orientación inconmensurable y una visión de las áreas de mi vida donde me siento “atrapada” y me ayudo a que me diera cuenta y manifestar poder manifestar mis deseos . Siempre tengo ganas de mis sesiones con Reina, porque sé que voy a aprender algo valioso y voy a sentir una profunda sensación de paz interior … Además, los productos naturales que ella trabaja son absolutamente sanadores increíbles.


Thank You Reina! Today was fantastic. The reading was really intriguing, I was surprised how much it seemed to correspond with what’s going on in my life. I was amazed! The coffee reading was also very fascinating. Your accuracy about my friends as well as the planning of an upcoming trip, blew my mind. And finally the Reiki session was very relaxing. Towards the end I did feel like I was floating on air. Thank you again, it was much appreciated! You have given me hope and optimism for the future

Have a wonderful day!

Jessica 🙂 


Client Treatment“Reina has a special touch that is very gentle and comforting.  She made me feel relaxed and safe right away.  Not only is she caring and loves what she does, she spends the time with me that I really needed.  Thank you!


“Reina has given me a special insight that has touched my spirit and motivated me to believe in a greater good protecting me at all times.  She empowers me and welcomes me into her room with each session. I came to Reina for her Reiki services, but she has given me so so SO much more than just that. ♥”


“THANK YOU ReinaThe7th for the 1 hour REIKI treatment at your Holistic Health Center … I fell into a deep trance during the session and feel fantastic!!  Thanks for sharing your gift with me.  I will be back.  Cheers!”

Debbie Draper


Reiana The 7th Face Mask Treatment“I have been to Reiana The 7th Holistic Health four times and have had different treatments done each time.  When I leave, I feel more relaxed and energetic.  My mind feels more clear and not stressed like I am before the treatments.  She is very friendly and open with everyone she meets.  Always has a smile on her face and eager to meet all your needs. I would recommend her practice to anyone that is feeling stressed or is interested in holistic health and wants to feel better about themselves.  I look forward to more appointments with Reina.”



“Reina helped me through some very personal challenges in dealing with stress, depression and weight gain.  After working with her, and after several sessions, I began to feel so much better and have now been able to balance my life much better.”